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controlaccess: Relevant Subjects in Archives and Related Fields 2018-07-15

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controlaccess: Relevant Subjects in Archives and Related Fields 2018-07-01

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Issue Brief: Net Neutrality

Thank You for Giving Back!

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controlaccess: Relevant Subjects in Archives and Related Fields 2018-06-03

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SAA Signs On to Joint NGO Letter on Proposed WIPO Treaty on Broadcasting

May Council Meeting Minutes Available Now

Participate in SAA Focus Groups for Market Research

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Final call for SNAP Leadership Nominations!

The Students and New Archives Professionals (SNAP) Section is seeking nominations for a Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, and three At-Large positions. Student applicants are highly encouraged.

Serving in a leadership role on the Section is a wonderful way to become more involved with SNAP and SAA and get to know other archivists. Our SNAP bylaws require that to ensure adequate student representation in SNAP leadership, at least two candidates on the slate must be students at the time of the election.

In order to hold a position as an officer and/or member of the Steering Committee, you must be both a member of SAA and the SNAP Section. The term for each office is one year, beginning at the close of the SAA annual meeting in 2018 and ending at the close of the SAA annual meeting in 2019.

If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else, please complete the following form. All nominations are due by 11:59 PM CST on May 30, 2018. The nomination form can be found at:

If you are nominated by someone else, you will have an opportunity before the ballot goes live to write your own candidate statement. You will need to resubmit the form for each nomination.

Candidates may only run for ONE POSITION. If you are nominated for multiple positions, you must choose which position you’d like to run for.


The SNAP Section will conduct its annual elections via an online ballot system provided by the SAA staff. Basic ballot information (e.g., listing of offices, number of vacancies for each, names of candidates, and candidate statements) need to be submitted to the SAA staff by June 1, 2018. Online ballots will be made accessible in early July 2018 and shall remain open for two weeks. Results will be announced at the SNAP Section Meeting in Washington D.C., as well as on the SNAP listserv, SNAP blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.


Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (1 position: 1 year term, followed by 1 year as chair): The vice chair/chair-elect will assist the chair in the operation of the section, serve as acting chair in the absence of the chair, and participate as a member of the steering committee. The chair directs and reports the activities of the section, organizes and runs the annual meeting, leads the steering committee, and handles administrative duties, including, but not limited to submitting the section’s annual report and serving as the section’s liaison to SAA and Council. The chair, in consultation with the other members of the steering committee, may solicit and appoint section volunteers to serve as the web liaison, social media coordinator, student chapter coordinator, and/or blog coordinator and editors.

Secretary (1 position: 1 year term): The secretary will serve as the official record keeper of the section and be responsible for compiling and sharing minutes from steering committee and annual meetings.

Steering Committee Member (3 positions: 1 year term): Members of the Steering Committee will provide leadership to and share information with section members; identify and appoint ex-officio members to the steering committee; solicit input from members; organize section elections and voting; and appoint temporary and/or permanent committees as needed.

controlaccess: Relevant Subjects in Archives and Related Fields 2018-05-20

SAA News


Nominate yourself or a friend for a SNAP Leadership position! Nominations due by 11:59 CST May 30th. Information and nomination form here!
SAA’s Mentoring Program is in need of mentors! Apply here!

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controlaccess: Relevant Subjects in Archives and Related Fields 2018-05-06

SAA News

SAA Opposes Haspel Nomination for CIA Director

Call for Pop-Up Session Proposals for 2018 Joint Annual Meeting

2018 Fellows and Award Recipients

Mosaic Fellow Nadia Clifton Completes Rare Book Internship at Libraries

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Student Experiences: Juán-Pabló González – Kelele za chura hazimkatazi ng’ombe kunywa maji: The noise of a frog doesn’t stop the cow from drinking water

This post is part of the Student Experience series, which features current and former archives students as they reflect on graduate school, internships, and early career issues. If you would like to contribute a post for this series, please email me

Guest poster Juán-Pabló González is currently a student at The Catholic University of America, and is a digital preservation intern at Howard University. Here, he reflects on his first year in his MSLIS program and the opportunities he’s had thus far. 

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