About the SAA Students and New Archives Professionals (SNAP) Section

What is SNAP?

The Students and New Archives Professionals (SNAP) Section advocates for and addresses the needs of those starting out or who are exploring a career in the archives profession. [Read more about the SNAP Section on the SAA website.]

Our programming and blog strives to reflect what’s on the minds of students and new archives professionals and help them navigate and better understand the broad landscape of employment and career development options. Our programming, blog posts, social media, and events are all driven by professionals—and our Section would not exist without their contributions and generosity of knowledge.

If you would like to join the discussion, we encourage you to get involved with SNAP!

What Does the SAA-SNAP Section Do?

The SAA-SNAP Section provides educational outreach and advocacy that furthers the career development, dialogue, and engagement with students and new professionals. We host educational and networking webinars, twitter-chats, and other events; oversee the development and dialogue on our SNAP blog; engage with SAA Student Chapters; and help raise awareness of SAA’s vast professional resources (career development webinars, resume reviews, mentoring, job and internship boards, etc.). At the SAA Annual Meeting, SNAP hosts a session where we review the year’s events and offer a presentation on a topic or issue of importance to our members.

How Can I Participate with SAA-SNAP?

You can participate with SNAP in a number of ways. The call for SNAP Committee Members go out twice a year, in the spring for elected officials, and in the fall for ex-officio committee members. You can also volunteer to write for the SNAP blog, offer a webinar, or volunteer to help organize a presentation or project.

SNAP Steering Committee (Elected Positions, Spring)

Elected Position openings are announced in the Spring, annually, and voted upon my Membership. Elected Committee Members serve a one-year term (minimum) starting after the close of the SNAP Section Meeting at the SAA Annual Meeting (usually held in August, annually). Elected officials oversee the operation of SNAP and can be somewhat flexible in how and where they contribute. Positions include:

  • Vice-Chair/Chair—a two-year commitment, served consecutively, with the first year as Vice and second year as Chair. This position sets the agenda for SNAP; organizes the SNAP Section meetings and volunteers; coordinates administrative tasks and projects with other SAA Sections and SAA Leadership and Administration; and oversees the health and vitality of the Section.
  • Steering Committee Members—Elected members serve “at-large” in any capacity as and when needed, including overseeing projects and program development. Most Steering Committee Members have served in other capacities and as Ex-Officio Members, overseeing important tasks and activities of SNAP.
  • Secretary—Records meeting minutes and handles general communications.

SNAP Ex-Officio Committee Members (Fall)

Ex-Officio Committee Members are nominated (either self-nominated or by another) in November, annually, and are voted on internally by the SNAP Committee in December. Ex-Officio Committee Members serve a one-year term starting with the January meeting and ending 31 December. Positions include:

  • Blog Editors/Team—Manages the technical and editorial direction of the SAA SNAP blog and oversees editorial content and development. New volunteers will work as “Junior Blog Editor(s)” under the “Senior Blog Editor(s)” who have prion SNAP Blog Team experience.
  • Social Media Coordinator(s)—Works to promote posts and events on social platforms, coordinating efforts with the Blog Team, Student Chapter Coordinators, other SAA Sections, SAA Leadership and Administrators, and others.
  • Student Chapter Coordinators—Oversees the list of SAA Student Chapters and coordinates communications and engagement with the Chapters.
  • Web Liaison—Oversees and updates the SNAP “microsite” on the SAA website and posts the official meeting minutes to site.

Volunteers, Writers, and Presenters (Year-Round)

Volunteers—SNAP is always in need of volunteers to help the Steering Committee with its work and help with projects and initiatives. If you have an area you would like to help out with, or can be available to serve in any capacity, contact newarchivistsrt@gmail.com.

Writers and Presenters—Have something on your mind you would like to share with SNAP? All are welcome to contribute to SNAP by writing for the SNAP Roundtable blog or presenting on a topic. If you would like to write for the SNAP Blog, please review our blog guidelines and/or explore the types of contributions that others have made.

Have an idea for a program, webinar, blog post, speaker, or topic and don’t know where to start? Contact the SNAP Blog Team to discuss.

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