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Year in the Life: Adriana Flores, Pt. 2

Adriana Flores is one of our participants in our Year in the Life series, which follows new archivists in their first professional position. We will be following Adriana for a year. You can read her previous posts here.

As a university employee, the ebbs and flows of campus life drastically affect my day-to-day duties. Coming up on spring semester and graduation is always an exciting time to be on campus; unfortunately, seven of our student workers will be graduating this year. We usually employ twelve to fifteen student workers in the Acquisitions department, so losing seven of them, especially seniors with years of training, will be a tough adjustment. To soften the blow we hired five new students, which means February has been a training intensive month. Since student training and supervision has consumed my professional life this past month and a half, I thought it was an appropriate subject for my post.

When I was originally preparing to start my full-time position at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, I was terrified of supervising students. Supervision is one of the largest differences between most pre-professional and professional positions and they don’t teach classes on it in graduate school. There is no way to prepare for every bad scenario that can happen, but I’ve found that the more I supervise, the easier it gets. The thing that has helped me the most is having colleagues who share the responsibility and make it fun. Continue reading

Year in the Life: Adriana Flores, Pt. 1

Welcome Adriana Flores, our newest participant in the Year in the Life Series! We will be following Adriana for the next twelve months.

Adriana Flores
Assistant Archivist for Acquisitions
Institution: Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University
Years at position: 1+
Education: University of Puget Sound (BA-English); Simmons College (MLIS with a concentration in Archives Management)

My path towards becoming a professional archivist started as a college sophomore at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. After expressing interest in library science, the director of the library gave me a job in the Archives and Special Collections department. After working there for three years, my love of libraries and archives was solidified and I was set on going to graduate school. After graduation I moved on to multiple digitization and records management internships around Washington state, including one at Densho.

Continue reading