Serve with SNAP!

Ballots for all SAA Sections will be open for SAA Members starting in June. Access the main ballot page at (SAA Member login required). Candidate statements for our open SNAP Steering Committee positions are available on the SNAP microsite and on our blog.

Thank you to our 2023–2024 SNAP candidates, our currently serving SNAP Committee Members, and all those who have served SNAP in the past. Your contributions have helped to build a wonderful, vibrant SAA Section—and we welcome your continued contributions and leadership!

Calling all students, new archive professionals, and experienced archivists who have an interest in guiding new careers—it’s time to step-up to SNAP!

The SAA-SNAP Section provides educational outreach that furthers professional development, dialogue, and engagement. We host educational and networking webinars, twitter-chats, and other events; oversee the development and dialogue on our SNAP blog; help raise awareness of SAA’s vast professional resources (career development webinars, resume reviews, mentoring, job and internship boards, etc.); and engage with SAA Student Chapters.

As an SAA-SNAP Section Committee member, you can help shape this dialogue and learn how to organize and host an educational event, engage leading professionals in conversation, build your professional network, and discover more about the workings of your profession.

Why Serve with SNAP?

Serving in a leadership role on the Section is a great way to increase your involvement with the SAA, get to know other professional archivists, and increase your knowledge of the profession. And, like most volunteer commitments, how much you get out of it depends on how much you put into it—we welcome your voice in shaping the SNAP experience!

Who Can Serve with SNAP?

We encourage all early-career professionals, students, recent graduates, and experienced professionals who have an interest in guiding professional development to participate in SNAP.

Typically, the SNAP Committee is made up of new professionals but we encourage students to become involved with SNAP—whether on the national SAA-SNAP Committee or in your SAA Student Chapter. We also encourage anyone with an interest in topics important to students and new professionals to join us.

As a SAA Section focused on a particular career stage, the interests of our Committee and SNAP Members are wide-reaching and we strive to offer a broad spectrum of educational programming and dialogue.

What Is the General Time Commitment?

Position Terms
The commitment term for most positions is one-year—with a two-year term for the Vice Chair/Chair position
. Terms generally begin at the close of the SAA Annual Meeting (usually held in August) that year and end at the close of the next SAA Annual Meeting.

Monthly Meetings
SNAP Section meetings are held once a month, via zoom, and usually last about an hour.
At the meeting, we review current blog and engagement, programming, section coordination, and other ongoing business; and plan for future activities. Minutes of past meetings are recorded by the Secretary and posted to the SNAP microsite.

Conducting Section Business
Nearly all programming, meetings, and events are held online. Most duties take a few hours a month. If you wish to organize an event or take on a project (webinar, blog post, blog technical, representing SNAP at other Section meetings, etc.), we welcome, and encourage, you to jump-in and do so.

Key Dates and Deadlines

All nominations are due by 11:59 PM PST on 26 May 2023.

If you are nominating someone else, please complete the nomination as early as possible so that we may contact the nominee to confirm the candidacy. If you are nominated by someone else, you will have an opportunity before the ballot goes live to confirm your nomination and write your own candidate statement.

  • Elected Positions—Nominees will be added to the SNAP Section online ballot system provided by the SAA staff. Voting will begin in July and voting will remain open for two weeks. Results will be announced on the SNAP listserv, SNAP blog, and SNAP social media, and (where schedules align) the SNAP Section Annual Meting. Terms begin at the end of the SAA Annual Meeting (usually held in August) through 1 September, annually. Elections happen once per year.
  • Ex-Officio Appointments—The term for SNAP’s Ex-Officio positions run on the same schedule with the Elected terms (1 September–31 August, annually). Additional calls for Ex-Officio help and volunteers may also happen throughout the year as needs arise.

Descriptions of SNAP Positions

Note that candidates may be nominated and/or run for one position only. If you are nominated for multiple positions, you must choose which position you’d like to stand for.

Elected Positions / SNAP Steering Committee
All elected positions renew annually, with the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect the only position requiring a two-year commitment. Those already elected or serving in other capacities are welcome to run for elected positions or re-nominate themselves.

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
Elected position; One position; Two-Year Commitment with a one-year serving as SNAP Vice Chair/Chair-Elect followed by one-year term as SNAP Chair, elected annually

The position of Vice Chair/Chair-Elect is a 2-year commitment, serving one year as the Vice Chair and the subsequent year as the Chair. In the first year, the Vice Chair/Chair-Elect will assist the Chair in the operation of the section, serve as acting chair in the absence of the chair, and participate as a member of the steering committee. 

The Chair (year two) directs and reports the activities of the section, organizes and runs the annual meeting, leads the steering committee, and handles administrative duties, including, but not limited to submitting the section’s annual report and serving as the section’s liaison to SAA and Council. The Chair, in consultation with the other members of the steering committee, may solicit and appoint section volunteers to serve as the web liaison, social media coordinator, student chapter coordinator, and/or blog coordinator and editors, among others. The Vice Chair/Chair-Elect will perform these duties in the second year of their commitment.

Elected position; One position; One-year term, elected annually
The secretary will serve as the official record keeper of the section and be responsible for compiling and sharing minutes from SNAP’s monthly meetings and the Section Annual Meeting.

At-Large Steering Committee Member
Elected position; Three positions; One-year term, elected annually
Members of the Steering Committee will provide leadership to and share information with section members; identify and appoint ex-officio members to the steering committee; solicit input from members; organize section elections and voting; and appoint temporary and/or permanent committees as needed.

Appointed / Ex-Officio Committee Members

Ex-Officio Committee Members help with the day-to-day running of SNAP by performing specific roles in support of SNAP. They also fully participate in organizing and running events and programs, manage the SNAP blog, develop materials for SNAP, and liaise with other Sections. All Ex-Officio positions are one-year terms and we welcome Ex-Officio members to serve multiple terms. Ex-Officio positions are flexible and can be changed as needed to best serve the needs of SNAP.

Programming Chair—New Position!
Ex-Officio; One-year term (minimum), appointed/confirmed annually, elected annually
The Programming Chair will oversee all aspects of managing SNAP’s webinars, including brainstorming with others and booking speakers, scheduling with SAA, steps in setting up and promoting, running the webinar (or overseeing a helper), and follow-up. [Note for 2023: This position is filled.]

Blog and Web Team (Blog, SAA MicroSite, Social Media, etc.)
Ex-Officio; One-year term (minimum), appointed/confirmed annually
The Blog and Web Team work on the SNAP Roundtable blog (maintaining the SNAP blog, setting editorial direction and calls for writers, managing posts, etc.), maintain the SNAP presence on the SAA site, and promote SNAP events on social media. Additionally, every SNAP Committee Member is welcome to contribute editorial ideas and content to the blog!

Student Chapter Coordinator
Ex-Officio; One-year term (minimum), appointed/confirmed annually
Serve as a liaison between SNAP and SAA student chapters. Candidates should be ready to roll their sleeves up and take an active role in shaping the position and the interaction with Chapters. [Note for 2023: This position is filled.]

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Read the Available Positions
The SAA SNAP Section has a number of elected (called the “Steering Committee”) and non-elected (called “Ex-Officio”) roles to fill on an annual basis. (See “Descriptions,” above.)

Step 2: Nominate Yourself or Another
All SNAP Section positions start with a Nomination Form! You can nominate yourself or another (we will contact them to confirm and complete their nomination).

Step 3: Watch Your Email
Those running for Steering Committee (Elected) positions will see their name and statement on a ballot from the SAA, which is voted upon electronically by SNAP members in July, annually. Those nominated for Ex-Officio (Appointed) positions will be contacted by the SNAP Chair. Duties will begin with the September SNAP Meeting.

Questions? Contact us!

The full standing rules for the SNAP Section are available on the SAA SNAP microsite, ( In the event of a mis-statement in the above text or a conflict, these rules will supersede the above information.