Getting involved with SAA

Sam Winn:

Here’s a great post from SAA council member Tanya Zanish-Belcher on how to get involved in SAA. It’s never too early to start serving and developing your leadership skills! Do you have any burning questions about the work of SAA staff and leadership, or how to find volunteer opportunities? Post them in the comments to help us develop future blog series.

Originally posted on Off the Record:

In the past few weeks, my Council and leadership colleagues and I have had a number of conversations with members about how one goes about getting involved in SAA.   We’re delighted that people care and are willing to pose that question–thanks to all of you who did, and to all of you who share that interest.   The call for appointments by Vice President Dennis Meissner will go out in October, but that’s not the only way to be professionally engaged with SAA.    Council member Tanya Zanish-Belcher, who is both welcoming and great about getting people involved, has provided some thoughts on the subject.   And if you still or in the future have questions, please follow the suggestion on the button that Terry Baxter and the Membership Committee were passing out at the recent Joint Annual Meeting:  “Ask me.”

Now for Tanya’s good advice:

Tanya Z-BThis topic has certainly been discussed before (most…

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Year in the Life: Katie Rojas, Pt. 2

Katie Rojas is the newest participant in our Year in the Life series, which follows new archivists in their first professional position. We will be following Katie for a year. You can read the Katie’s previous posts here.

This has been a busy month! As a local government archive, we mostly collect records and items that were created by internal departments and officials. A couple weeks ago, one of our elected officials resigned to take another position, and we accessioned about ~100 cu. ft. of material from their department. It’s the first big accession that I’ve seen come in. We took in administrative files from the various people who worked in that department, as well as thank-you gifts, framed items, plaques, etc. that were given to the official. Much of the latter type of materials were packaged in extra large moving boxes, so I had one of our summer interns spend a day reboxing these items so that they would fit on the shelves properly.

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Participate in SAA with Social Media

By Helen Schubert Fields

Whether you’re attending SAA in Washington D.C. or looking for ways to participate in the Annual Meeting from home, we have several ways to share the experience with other SNAPpers.

Wherever you are:

* Follow – and participate! – in our joint meeting with the Lone Arrangers Roundtable on Wednesday, 8/15 from 5:15pm – 7:15pm via Twitter using #snaplar. Tweets will be displayed during the Roundtable meeting.

* Follow #saa14 on Twitter for tweets from throughout the conference, and session-specific hashtags (e.g. #s101) for sessions of interest. You can find a list of sessions at

* Follow #snaprt and @SNAP_Roundtable for SNAP-related tweets throughout the conference.

* Check out our list of SNAPpers and SNAPallies (aka friends of SNAP) who plan to live-tweet during the conference. You can subscribe to the list itself, or use it to find new tweeters to follow.

* After the conference, stay tuned for session recaps on the SNAP Roundtable blog.

From D.C.:

* Planning to live-tweet? Send a tweet to @SNAP_Roundtable to be included on a list of live-tweeting SNAPpers friends.

* Tweet using #saa14 during the conference. For SNAP-related content, use you can also use #snaprt as well. During our joint Roundtable meeting with the Lone Arrangers Roundtable, use #saalar so those at home can follow the meeting.

* Take photos you want to share on our Facebook page? Email them to Helen Schubert Fields.

Hope to see many of you during #saa14, both in person or online!

Annual Meeting Advice: Final Tips

SAA 2014 is just around the corner now. Some of you may even arrive in Washington D.C. this weekend for continuing education classes. Here are some final thoughts for conference preparation. Good luck, and have a great conference!

Annual Meeting Question:

Any final advice for first-time attendees and SNAP members?

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Annual Meeting Advice: Planning your time

Still working out your conference schedule? We’ve got you covered! Today’s post is the fourth entry in the 2014 Annual Meeting Advice series. You can review past entries here or select the Annual Meeting Advice category in the righthand column of the blog.

Question 4:

How do you plan your time at the conference?

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Annual Meeting Advice: “What I wish I’d known…”

The Conference Veterans have plenty of tips today for navigating the conference like a pro (and saving your sanity in the process). Today’s post is the third entry in the 2014 Annual Meeting Advice series. You can review past entries here or select the Annual Meeting Advice category in the righthand column of the blog.

Question 3:

What do you wish you had known for your first annual meeting?

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Bonus Post: Networking Tips from President-Elect Kathleen Roe

President-Elect Kathleen Roe will begin her term as SAA’s 70th president after the 2014 Annual Meeting. She offered so many great tips for networking at SAA 2014 that we wanted to feature them in one post. You can connect with the incoming SAA president on Twitter @KDRoe122 and learn more about her contributions to archives here.

The Question:

What are your tips for networking and connecting with people you don’t know (especially more “senior” members)?

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