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controlaccess: Relevant Subjects in Archives and Related Fields 2017-06-18

This is the weekly roundup of headlines in and around archives, including some library, museum, digital humanities, and information science things as well. If you see something we’ve missed, please email us!

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2013 Archival Program Graduates and the Entry-Level Job Market

Recently, the digital version of the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of The American Archivist was released. If I’m honest, I’m not yet on the Eira Tansey Timetable of Journal Reading, though I’d like to commit to that kind of professional growth – after grad school. As it is, I was pretty proud of myself for even having read the table of contents all the way through – though, when I did, I immediately clicked on one of the articles and read it.

That article is Matthew Francis’s “2013 Archival Program Graduates and the Entry-Level Job Market.” (I’m a Ravenclaw, but I clearly I have the self-preservation of a Slytherin.) For anyone who hasn’t had the time to read it yet – which is likely a lot of you – I wanted to make sure it got plenty of air time. Essentially, Francis conducted a survey for 2013 graduates of MLIS (and related degree) programs during the month of April 2014 to see how they had done in securing employment. He referenced Rebecca Goldman and Shannon Lausch’s 2012 survey a good deal to make comparisons, and of course brings in the excellent but now terribly outdated 2004 A*CENSUS data. Not mentioned in the article are the INALJ/Hiring Librarians’ job market surveys by Naomi House and Emily Weak, which included responses from 188 archivists in 2014 and 196 archivists in 2015. Continue reading