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SAA 2017: Open Forums Archival Advocacy and Awareness Amid Social/Political Upheaval

In advance of the 2017 Annual Meeting, we invited SNAP members to contribute summaries of panels, section meetings, forums, and pop-up sessions. Summaries represent the opinions of their individual authors; they are not necessarily endorsed by SNAP, members of the SNAP Steering Committee, or SAA.

Guest Author: Alexandra Alisauskas, MAS/MLIS Candidate, University of British Columbia

Co-sponsored by SAA Committees on Public Policy and Public Awareness and Issues and Advocacy Section, the 2nd annual Advocacy Forum brought together five panelists whose professional practices lie, in various ways, at the intersection of archives and activism. Outgoing COPA chair and panel co-moderator Sami Norling framed the discussion by asking the introductory question of whether there should be a distinction between archival advocacy and awareness, or how they can inform each other (particularly in light of the challenges posed by recent political and social changes).

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SAA 2017 Candidate Interview: Samantha Norling

This post is part of the 2017 Candidate Interview series, presented in preparation for the 2017 SAA Election (March 13-March 31). Candidate statements will be posted daily through March 13. Read more statements from 2017 candidates here or check out our previous election series.

Samantha Norling
Archivist, Indianapolis Museum of Art
Candidate for Nominating Committee
Read her bio and response to questions posed by the Nominating Committee here.

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SAA 2015: SAA Committee on Public Awareness (COPA) Meeting

In advance of the 2015 Annual Meeting, we invited SNAP members to contribute summaries of panels, roundtable and section meetings, forums, and pop-up sessions. Summaries represent the opinions of their individual authors; they are not necessarily endorsed by SNAP, members of the SNAP Steering Committee, or SAA.

Guest Author: Michael Barera, Archivist at Texas A&M University-Commerce

After beginning with a brief welcome and the obligatory approval of the meeting agenda, the Committee on Public Awareness (COPA) began in earnest with an assessment of its progress in 2014-15. This included recognition of COPA’s contribution to the forthcoming SAA website revision, which (after it comes out) will include a public awareness component, which was largely informed by its section/roundtable “minisite” counterparts. Also noted was that general information for the general public will be included in this contribution, not just the “for archivists” bit. The committee members also noted that COPA “was really in an experimental mode” and has some unanswered questions that have slowed down its progress this year, reasoning that “this area of work for achivists is just difficult” and that “we’re going to have to keep working on it”. On a more positive note, the committee concluded that “ask an Archivist Day [October 1] was spectacular”; on a related note, they praised NARA for its rotating Twitter account that spotlights people and projects throughout the organization. Committee members also noted that it is important to have measurable goals for awareness, although this is admittedly vague. Continue reading

Thursday Is #AskAnArchivist Day!

Are you ready for #AskAnArchivist day? Check out this great announcement from the SAA Committee on Public Awareness.

Off the Record

Posted by Sami Norling, Archivist, Indianapolis Museum of Art and SAA Committee on Public Awareness


It’s the final week of American Archives Month and archivists and archival repositories around the country are getting ready to take part in SAA’s newest initiative, #AskAnArchivist Day. For 24 hours this Thursday, October 30, archivists representing every type of archives imaginable are encouraged to head to Twitter to answer questions sent with the hashtag #AskAnArchivist. Questions of all kinds are bound to be asked, ranging from the practical—What can I do to be sure that my electronic documents and images will be accessible in the future?—to the fun—How many archivists does it take to screw in a light bulb? But regardless of where on this spectrum a question may fall, each will give us a valuable opportunity to connect directly with the public. Not only will this give archivists another venue in which to promote…

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Student Experience Series: Sami Norling

This post is part of our Student Experience Series, which features current and former archives students as they reflect on graduate school, internships, and early career issues. If you would like to contribute a post for this series, please email me

Samantha (Sami) Norling is a graduate of the dual MA History/MLS program at Indiana University, Indianapolis. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, she attended American University in Washington, DC where she received a BA in American Studies. Sami has held the position of Archivist at the Indianapolis Museum of Art since January 2014.
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