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SAA 2017: Plenary 1

In advance of the 2017 Annual Meeting, we invited SNAP members to contribute summaries of panels, section meetings, forums, and pop-up sessions. Summaries represent the opinions of their individual authors; they are not necessarily endorsed by SNAP, members of the SNAP Steering Committee, or SAA.

Guest Author: Michael Barera, Archivist, Texas A&M University-Commerce

SAA President Nance McGovern began the plenary by introducing Elizabeth Woody, Oregon’s Poet Laureate. Elizabeth welcomed all attendees by sharing a story of the Willamette River’s name and the land surrounding it, as far as the Ring of Fire, as well as an excerpt from a poem about the Cascade Mountains and a story about a salmon feast. The most powerful line in the excerpt: “We are all one.” She concluded with: “Welcome to Oregon. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.” Nance then returned to the microphone and presented a basket hat to Elizabeth before welcoming all attendees to Archives 2017.

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Confidence Within, Company Throughout: Publishing and the Peer-Review Process

Next in our series on students and scholarly publishing, Steve Gentry (@StevenGentry15) offers practical advice on the nuts and bolts of submitting an article. His post is based on conversations with College Archivist Kent Randell and former editor of Provenance, Dr. Cheryl Oestreicher, in addition to his personal experience as a peer reviewer of the Museum of Science Fiction’s Journal of Science Fiction and work as a Graduate Student Assistant at Simmons College. 

Although few experiences are more satisfying, going through the peer review process and publishing a work can be exceptionally daunting. Having recently published a journal article in Provenance, Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists, I want to pass on some information that may be of use to future writers. By the end of this piece, I hope you’ll understand that flexibility, patience, confidence, and perseverance are key qualities needed to successfully endure the peer review process and, ultimately, publish a work. Furthermore, a strong editorial support network can be a major boon when editing drafts. Although this post focuses on publishing articles in a peer-reviewed journal, these lessons can also be applied to other, similar endeavors (e.g. publishing a book chapter).

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Deadline approaching for SNAP issue of Provenance journal

The deadline for submitting an article or review to Provenance‘s Students and New Archives Professionals (SNAP) special issue is this Saturday, January 31! This is a great opportunity to spruce up one of your final papers and submit it to a peer-reviewed journal. See the call for papers below for more information, and feel free to contact the guest editors (me and Roxanne Dunn) or Cheryl Oestreicher if you have any questions.

Caitlin Wells

Archivist for Rio Grande Historical Collections, New Mexico State University
SAA Students and New Archives Professionals Round Table Chair, 2014-2015

For more information about submitting, please see:
Submissions Due Soon for SNAP Edition of Provenance Journal