SNAP RT Twitter Chat

What is #snaprt?

Also known as “Archives on the Fives”, #snaprt is a Twitter chat regularly hosted by the SNAP Section Social Media Team. Each chat addresses a theme, like the SAA Annual Meeting, searching for your first job, or finding a mentor. Whenever possible, chats will focus on or reference archives-related professional literature. Chats are also coordinated with other SAA Roundtables and Sections to support SNAP members’ involvement with other groups in SAA and address questions. Participation is open to anyone interested in issues affecting students and new professionals in the field of archives. The #snaprt chat is a great place for new and experienced professionals to exchange ideas and find common ground.

How to participate

The #snaprt chat take place on days that end in 5 (typically the 5th, 15th, and 25th of the month).  Chats begin at 8pm Eastern Time and last for about one hour. We’ll announce the month’s three chats at least a week before the first chat of the month. Reminders and schedule changes are announced on the SNAP Section listserv, the Facebook page, and by @SNAP_Section on Twitter.

During the chat, @SNAP_Section (the official SNAP Section Twitter account) will post a series of questions (e.g.”Q1, Q2”) with the #snaprt  hashtag. Chat participants respond with answers, insights, and follow up questions. To keep up with the chat, just follow the#snaprt hashtag. To respond to a question, include the question number (e.g. “Q1, Q2”) and #snaprt  in your response so others can find your tweets.

SNAP members are invited to lead the chat on the 25th of the month about an issue they are passionate about or one or more journal articles that interest them. Members should contact the social media coordinators with their ideas by the 20th of the month to be included in the following month’s chat announcement. Community-led chats may occur more frequently depending on member interest.

Catch Up on Past #snaprt Chats

Chat storifies, summaries, and past announcements can be found in the #snaprt chat blog series. For a full list of available chat storifies, please see the SNAP Section Storify page.

Contact the Social Media Team

If you have a topic you would like to discuss, send it via a tweet or direct message to @SNAP_Section any time or submit your suggestion here:


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