Session 101: Getting Things Done with Born-Digital Collections

Session 101, Getting Things Done with Born-Digital Collections
Guest author Stephanie Bennett

Panelists: Brian Dietz, Gloria Gonzalez, Jason Evans Groth, Ashley Howdeshell, Dan Noonan, and Lauren Sorensen

Here’s a way to not kick off SAA, I recommend not miss a great session like this! However, I did manage to miss much of this session. (Sidebar: I was meeting with my SAA-mentoring-program mentor, and I recommend the program.) The good news is that the session was so great that a number of folks did their own summaries. The even better news is that panelist Gloria Gonzalez compiled three of these on her blog, available here. Her portion of the talk, “the top 10 things I don’t let stop me from getting things done (with digital archives),” is also available on her blog.

In the Q&A portion of the session that I caught, the panel discussed:

– how to build relationships with the IT department: give them a tour of the archives, show appreciation for their work, and accept their societal/work relationship ways
– documentation: it’s important – but share, don’t just take
– favorite tools for working with born digital – mentions included ArchiveIt, Bit Curator, Emailchemy, FFmpeg, Fixity, and Karen’s Directory Printer.

Jason also reminded the audience that we can trust our future selves. Do less now if you have to in order to get going. I personally can never hear that enough!

In conclusion: Thanks to panelists Gloria, Brian, Lauren, and audience member Elise Dunham for collecting all the information about this session. Definitely check it out, I’m planning on getting the recording for this one myself!


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