SAA 2014 Session Summaries

In advance of the 2014 Annual Meeting, we invited SNAP members to contribute summaries of panels, roundtable and section meetings, and forums. Summaries submitted for select sessions can be found via the hyperlinks below. Summaries represent the opinions of their individual authors; they are not necessarily endorsed by SNAP, members of the SNAP Steering Committee, or SAA.


Session 101: Getting Things Done with Born-Digital Collections
Stephanie Bennett

Session 104: Leadership Lessons: Tools to Guide You and Words to Inspire You
Gabrielle Spiers

Session 106: Archival Education: Outcomes and Opportunities
Anna-Sophia Zingarelli-Sweet

Session 107: Archivist AND Records Manager?! Strategies for Dual-Role Archivists
Sami Norling

Session 108: Preventive Conservation in the Archives: Broad Approaches for a Big Impact
Allyson Smally

Session 202: Lean In: Archival Management and the Gender Dynamics of Leadership
Natalie Morath

Session 203: Talking to Stakeholders about Electronic Records
Eira Tansey

Session 205: Burning Decisions: Case Studies on Appraisal for Access
Rose Oliveira

Session 208: Making Change Happen in the Global Archival Community
(link to International Archival Affairs Roundtable blog)
Katharina Hering

Session 303: Access to Funds Means Access to Archives: How Raising Private Money Works
Anita Kinney

Session 305: Managing Social Media as Official Records
Eira Tansey

Session 401: Ensuring Access to the Bits: Archival Application of Digital Forensics
Rose Oliveira

Session 405: Access Under Occupation: Archival Collections in Palestine
Jennifer Sharp

Session 409: Laboring for Access: Rearing Records in Labor Archives
Meghan Courtney

Session 501: Taken for Granted: How Term Positions Affect New Professionals and the Repositories That Employ Them (lightning session)
Gabrielle Spiers, Meghan Courtney

Session 502: Untangling the Web: Diverse Experiences with Access from the Web Archiving Trenches (lightning session)
Karl Blumenthal

Session 509: Life and Death in the Motor city: Two Case Studies of Privacy and Access
Greta Kuriger Suiter

Session 609: Larger Than Life: Ensuring Access to Our Visual Heritage Collections
Diana Bowers

Session 705: Young, Black, Brown and Yellow: Diversity Recruitment Practices from the Field
Rossy Mendez

Session 708: Archivist! Data Librarian! Asset Manager! Do the Differences Really Matter?
Ariadne Rehbein

Roundtables and Sections

Business Archives Colloquium and Section Meeting
Jennifer Johnson

EAD Roundtable Meeting
Maureen Callahan

Labor Archives Roundtable
Meghan Courtney

Manuscripts Repositories Section
Laura Goodley

Public Library Archives/Special Collections Roundtable Meeting
Jennifer Sharp

Records Management Roundtable Meeting
Eira Tansey

SNAP & Lone Arrangers Joint Roundtable Meeting (1) 
Sami Norling

SNAP & Lone Arrangers Joint Roundtable Meeting (2)
Monte Abbott

Women Archivists Roundtable Meeting
Meghan Courtney


Business Meeting
Eira Tansey

Forum: Diversifying the Archival Record
Lauren Goodley

Forum: Continuing the Conversation (Archival Education – and Beyond)
Brynn White


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