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#SAA17 Conference Tips & Tricks

With the SAA Annual Meeting in Portland happening next week, this post was compiled to help you succeed in your conference experience, be it your first time to a conference, to Portland, or if even if you’re a seasoned veteran!

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Getting Ready for SAA 2017: 9 Ways to Prepare for SAA in Portland

The Annual Meeting is a month and a half away, but in our minds we’re already there. If you are just now finding the time to plan for #SAA17, here are nine things you can do to prepare:

  1. Sign up for the Navigator Program: If you’re a First Time Attendee, this is a great opportunity to be mentored by a conference veteran! The deadline is coming up so act fast and request a Navigator by June 15!
  2. Sign up to give a Lightning Talk at the SNAP Section Meeting: Did you miss the deadline to submit a poster or presentation for the Annual Meeting? Get your feet wet presenting at a professional conference with a short talk for SNAP! Submit your proposal by June 23.
  3. Sign up for the SAA Career Center: Looking for a job? Feel like your resume needs some sprucing up? Sign up for mock interview and career consultation appointments by July 10.
  4. Sign up to share Rides or Rooms with other SNAPpers: Looking for a ride, a place to stay, or need a roommate? Conferences are expensive–let’s help each other make them affordable! Use our spreadsheet to connect with others looking to share rides or housing.
  5. Sign up for SNAP’s Lunch Buddy Program: Conferences can be lonely, so make some new friends through the Lunch Buddy program. You can volunteer to lead a meal excursion or join one that’s already been planned on our spreadsheet.
  6. Plan your conference schedule: The interactive conference schedule allows you to mark what looks interesting and see who else is planning on attending a session. Create your own schedule (and make sure you plan to attend the SNAP Section Meeting on 7/26 from 2:30-3:45pm).
  7. Share your SAA 2017 experience with others through the SNAP Blog: Not everyone can make it to the Annual Meeting this year, so be a friend and summarize the sessions you attend for those who can’t! Sign up to summarize any session or conference event.
  8. Check out SAA’s tips for New Members, First-Timers, and Students: A large conference like SAA can be overwhelming. Make sure you’re well prepared and consult these tips.
  9. Read SNAP’s First Timer’s Guide: Not sure what to wear? Overwhelmed by the program options? Read SNAP’s guide and feel at ease!

#snaprt Chat Flashback: Prepping for #SAA16

If you’re heading to Atlanta next week, you’ll want to check out the #snaprt Chat Flashback from Monday, July 25. There’s solid advice for new and old attendees alike. I’m getting really excited about next week and hope you are, too!

Prepping for Prepping for SAA 2016

Nope, the title of this post is not an accident!

It’s kind of hard to believe, but SAA’s annual conference is less than three months away. In the usual fashion of covering many angles of attending the conference leading up to the conference, we’re planning posts that will help you prepare for the conference, and the SNAP Roundtable Steering Committee has been working to put together some information (forthcoming) that will help you navigate the conference and the area. Another group working on this – from a different angle – is your wonderful host committee, which includes SNAPers JoyEllen Freeman and Cathy Miller! Here is the host committee’s blog, which already has lots of great information about what to do and how to get around.

As usual, SNAP has Lunch Buddy and Roommate/Rideshare signups, and we’ll also have a spreadsheet for you to sign up for session recaps before the conference – and this year we’re encouraging pictures! We’re also looking at different ways to cover the conference that go beyond the session recaps, with more information to come on that later. I want to go back to the two spreadsheets, though. SNAP tries very hard to think of ways to make SAA’s annual conference as welcoming and accessible for new members as it possibly can, and to that end, cutting costs is a big issue for us, but so is making certain new members have a support system. If you’re a more established SNAP member, please consider hosting a Lunch Buddy date, and if you’re someone who isn’t, don’t be scared to join us for breakfast/lunch/dinner/etc. We’ve each been the newbie, and we get how difficult it can be to “break into” a new place. Good news! We’re an easy bunch to “break into.”

Finally, I’d be remiss in not pointing to the excellent posts on conferences past, which includes tips for networking, session proposals, and more.

As a native Georgian, I’m really excited to have SAA come to my home state, and I hope y’all enjoy your time in the Capital of the South!

Resources for the 2015 Annual Meeting

The Society of American Archivists’ Annual Meeting will take place in Cleveland, Ohio this year from August 16-22. If this will be your first annual meeting, check out the Official First-Timer’s Guide to the 2015 Annual MeetingProduced by SNAP Members, this guide has tons of advice to help you prepare, pack, network, and choose sessions. You can also browse the Program Committee’s general resources for New Members, First-Timers, and Students or see what SNAP members had to say in the 2014 Annual Meeting Advice Series.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for SAA 2015.

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Participate in SAA with Social Media

By Helen Schubert Fields

Whether you’re attending SAA in Washington D.C. or looking for ways to participate in the Annual Meeting from home, we have several ways to share the experience with other SNAPpers.

Wherever you are:

* Follow – and participate! – in our joint meeting with the Lone Arrangers Roundtable on Wednesday, 8/15 from 5:15pm – 7:15pm via Twitter using #snaplar. Tweets will be displayed during the Roundtable meeting.

* Follow #saa14 on Twitter for tweets from throughout the conference, and session-specific hashtags (e.g. #s101) for sessions of interest. You can find a list of sessions at

* Follow #snaprt and @SNAP_Roundtable for SNAP-related tweets throughout the conference.

* Check out our list of SNAPpers and SNAPallies (aka friends of SNAP) who plan to live-tweet during the conference. You can subscribe to the list itself, or use it to find new tweeters to follow.

* After the conference, stay tuned for session recaps on the SNAP Roundtable blog.

From D.C.:

* Planning to live-tweet? Send a tweet to @SNAP_Roundtable to be included on a list of live-tweeting SNAPpers friends.

* Tweet using #saa14 during the conference. For SNAP-related content, use you can also use #snaprt as well. During our joint Roundtable meeting with the Lone Arrangers Roundtable, use #saalar so those at home can follow the meeting.

* Take photos you want to share on our Facebook page? Email them to Helen Schubert Fields.

Hope to see many of you during #saa14, both in person or online!

Annual Meeting Advice: Final Tips

SAA 2014 is just around the corner now. Some of you may even arrive in Washington D.C. this weekend for continuing education classes. Here are some final thoughts for conference preparation. Good luck, and have a great conference!

Annual Meeting Question:

Any final advice for first-time attendees and SNAP members?

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