SAA Student Chapters: Announcing “Main Stage”

Post contributed by Lourdes Johnson, MLIS

Greetings from the SAA SNAP section!

We are delighted to introduce our new “Main Stage” pilot program. This is an open invitation to participate in a monthly series of presentations (could be in the form of a roundtable, lightning talk, webinar, a game, a discussion session, no limits!). Group or individual presentations are welcome.

The goal of this program is to engage archival students and faculty members in co-organizing a series of events with SNAP. We are interested in learning about what projects students and early-career professionals are working on, what kind of research questions you are asking, and what tools and methodologies you are learning (school project, on-the-job, internship) to address archival issues within our communities. You do not need to be an SAA member to participate, although we suggest taking advantage of the following benefits when you join SAA:

  • Community, mentorship, and networking
  • Accessible professional development
  • Webinars and events
  • Committee memberships and leadership opportunities
  • Writing and publishing opportunities
  • Services specifically designed for students and early-career professionals, including the Career Services Commons 

If you are interested in proposing or participating in a SNAP “Main Stage” event, please fill out fill out the Main Stage proposal form by January 21, 2022. We look forward to hearing from you!

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