Mourning Mark Greene

On June 21, 2017, former SAA President and co-author of the revolutionary “More Product, Less Process,” Mark A. Greene passed away. SAA has created a tribute page for members to leave comments, memories, and stories about Mark. Feel free to chime in with a memory or story of the impact Mark had on your studies and career.

We were honored to have Mark Greene contribute to the SNAP blog on occasion. In our Ask an Archivist series he provided thoughtful answers to questions such as whether an undergraduate degree in history matters and how to handle salary range questions on job applications. He also wrote a three-part series called “Advice from a Seasoned Archivist,” addressing the job market, internships, and preparation for entry into the archives profession. If you want to peruse all of Mark’s contributions, you can view them here.


One thought on “Mourning Mark Greene

  1. kathymarquis

    Thanks so much for this. He never showed me the Advice From a Seasoned Archivist. He loved talking with new archivists in any venue.


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