Chat with us tomorrow, February 15th!

Please join the SAA Students and New Archives Professionals Section for the next #snaprt Twitter chat with Documenting the Now on February 15, at 8 pm ET.

Topic: Ethics and Archiving Social Media: Perspectives from Students and New Archives Professionals.

We welcome everyone to join or keep up with our chat using the #snaprt and/or #docnowcommunity hashtags on Twitter. The SNAP Section Twitter account will pose questions such as:

  • Should we seek consent from individuals before collecting their social media data for the long term? Why? #snaprt #docnowcommunity

  • What do you see as some of the major technical challenges to considering ethics when archiving the web? #snaprt #docnowcommunity

  • Does your LIS program cover issues around the ethics of archiving the Internet? If not, how should they address it? #snaprt #docnowcommunity

  • How should we approach collecting born-digital materials? Should we take a collect it all now and worry later approach? #snaprt #docnowcommunity

  • Should we consider ethics and community engagement before we start collecting born-digital materials? #snaprt #docnowcommunity

  • How can we ethically collect born-digital materials and protect individuals privacy? #snaprt #docnowcommunity

  • What are the challenges moving forward with collecting born digital materials? Social media? #snaprt #docnowcommunity

  • What are you doing to balance ethical considerations with institutional and community needs? #snap #docnowcommunity

We welcome everyone to join or keep up with this chat using the #snaprt and/or ##docnowcommunity hashtag on Twitter. If you would like to have a discussion topic included in this chat, please send it to @SNAP_Section  on Twitter, submit it through the anonymous form on the SNAP chat webpage or e-mail the SNAP Senior Social Media Coordinator at

Here some resources related to tomorrow’s chat you may want to check out. Please share additional resources using #snaprt on Twitter or through.


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