Changing of the Guard – New Blog Editors!

Greetings, dear SNAPers! In this season of transitions, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the new editorial team for our trusty SNAP blog: Lauren, Emily, and Brenna.

Our New Professionals Blog Editor is Emily Kintigh. Emily will graduate this June with her MLIS degree from the University of Denver in Colorado. Her passion is archives, specifically digital preservation and digital forensics, though she still goes wild at the sight of old letters and musty books. Emily currently works as a communications and student services specialist at DU, volunteering for the University archives (and now SNAP!) in her spare time. As a would-be archivist who has yet to break into the profession Emily is acutely aware of the importance of mentorship and guidance through the transition from graduate school into the real world and is thrilled at the opportunity to help make the start of an archival career less daunting for incoming and new professionals. Between a grad program, a full-time job, and volunteering, Emily doesn’t have much time for hobbies but when she does she loves reading, writing, cooking, traveling, and obsessing over history.

Our Student Blog Editor is Brenna Edwards. Brenna is a first year MLS student at UNC-Chapel Hill, focusing in archives and records management. She’s interested in performing arts archives, but aside from that subject, doesn’t know what she wants to specialize in as of yet. She’s interested in the digital side of things, but also loves working with manuscripts and objects as well. She is currently working in the Southern Historical Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill as a graduate research assistant, mainly doing accessioning and a bit of collection management and donor relations. She is also works at the undergraduate library as a graduate assistant, working the reference desk and design lab. Brenna’s looking forward to helping students and new professionals feel more comfortable within the profession and within SAA. Outside of school and work, Brenna enjoys reading, crafting, and going to the theatre.

Finally, I’ll be taking on the role of Blog Coordinator for this year. I’m Lauren Gaylord, and you might remember me from the Year in the Life series I wrote for the blog which just wrapped up in October. I’m currently an archivist at Pixar Animation Studios, focusing on processing our backlog and making collections more digitally accessible to the company. I graduated with my MSIS from the iSchool at UT Austin in 2015, but spent many years prior to that working in various archives and special collections. In my non-work hours I watch a lot of TV shows on Netflix, travel, play soccer, and try to conquer my ever-growing stack of unread books.

We’re really excited to bring you new and relevant content in the upcoming months. And we’re always looking for guest authors, so please reach out if you have an idea or even a comment about the blog. Your contributions make this blog what it is.

Happy holidays! I hope the upcoming weeks bring you warmth, rest, and lots of time with loved ones.


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