controlaccess: Relevant Subjects in Archives and Related Fields for 2016-4-24

This is the weekly roundup of headlines in and around archives, including some library, museum, digital humanities, and information science things as well. If you see something we’ve missed, please email us!


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On the Issues and Advocacy Roundtable Blog, check out the series on #ArchivesSoWhite beginning with the Intro and Bibliography.

International Archives

The Director of the Russian State Archives located documentation revealing that a celebrated act of bravery in Russia’s history had actually been made up by a journalist. Angry about the revelation, the Russian Culture Minister suggested that archivists should limit their work to handling documents.

The jubilee conference of the Royal Society of Archivists in the Netherlands– the oldest society of professional archivists in the world- will be held this June.

Odds and Ends

An archivist in Kansas located the missing patent file for the Wright brothers’ “Flying Machine.”

The Minnesota History Center is displaying the suit Prince wore in Purple Rain and asking visitors to share their memories of the artist on their memory wall.


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