Reviewing Articles and Journals for Publishing in the Archives Field

Sometimes, I admittedly miss really interesting opportunities that should be shared with our community. I was – unrelated to SNAP – reading Cheryl Oestreicher’s blog, Publishing in the Archives Field, when I came across this post from the end of February. It’s a direct response to some of the things that came up in the SNAP chat about publishing from late January and some other things that smart people have discussed about publishing, and that was if we allow reviews of books and tools and all other kinds of things, why don’t we review articles or journals?

Cheryl called for participation in this endeavor and even set up a spreadsheet to make it so. But the intended audience may not have received the message. Last fall when we had the five amazing folks talk about their paths to publishing, Jarrett Drake discussed writing his first book review. That book, by the way, is one he continues to mention in presentations today, so if you’re looking for a way to get started in the publishing field – or even just want to beef up your resume – consider signing on to review a journal issue. You may find something that really touches you and improves your view of archivy!