The SAA 2016 Candidate Interviews

This morning, we’ll begin what has become an tradition for the SNAP Roundtable – and one I hope will continue long after my tenure as blog coordinator is up: our SNAP-specific questions to the candidates for SAA offices. Though the questions look similar from year to year, there is a lot of discussion about changes, additions, deletions, and the like in hopes we ask questions that are particularly relevant to SNAP’s constituency.

This being SNAP Roundtable’s fifth year in existence, some of you may have been around for the duration, so SAA’s candidate slate will have some familiar names who have formerly held offices in SNAP. It’s great to see younger, newer professionals moving into larger leadership roles!

As per tradition, we’re posting one interview a day. We reserved the first two slots for the two ladies running for Vice President/President-Elect, but we took the other candidates’ interviews in the order received. We hope these posts, along with Tuesday’s wonderful explanation of the SAA election process, will help you make informed choices. Please remember to vote!

Holly Croft
SNAP Roundtable Blog Coordinator

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About Holly Croft

Holly is an archivist at one of Georgia's institutions of higher learning. In a past life, she was a legislative assistant. She cares a lot about records management and open records law. Politically, she wears the label RINO as a badge of honor. She is equal parts Bulldog and Tar Heel.

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