Chat with Us Monday, February 15th

Please join the  Students and New Archives Professionals (SNAP) Roundtable for a #snaprt Twitter chat on mental health of students and new professionals on Monday, February 15 at 8pm EST. This week’s chat was inspired by LIS Mental Health Week and recent SNAP Roundtable blog posts regarding self-care. We hope to continue the conversation started by many others and offer another forum to connect with one another.

We welcome everyone to join or keep up with our chat using the #snaprt hashtag on Twitter. The SNAP Roundtable Twitter account will pose main questions such as:

  • How can one cope during times stressful times? What are some common sources of stress for SNAPers?

  • What safe spaces are available to recharge, talk about causes of stress, or ongoing issues?

  • What barriers are there to discussing stress or mental health issues with peers, supervisors, or others?

  • How do you define self-care? What practices or routines are helpful to you?

  • What can others do to support their colleagues and peers? How have others supported you?

If you would like to have a discussion topic included in this chat, please send it to @SNAP_Roundtable on Twitter, submit it through the anonymous form on the SNAP RT chat webpage, anonymous Google form, or e-mail the SNAP Junior Social Media Coordinator directly at To learn more about #snaprt chats, please visit our webpage.

Here some resources related to the chat you may want to check out:

Elena Colón-Marrero
SNAP RT Junior Social Media Coordinator 

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