Sharing our Stories and Struggles: the Student Experience column

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself: my name is Lily Troia and I am your trusty SNAP Student Blog Editor! I, like many of you, am a graduate student pursuing my MLIS with a love of, and focus on, archival studies. And I, like many of you, spend my days balancing multiple responsibilities and negotiating shifting identities–I am a student, a scholar, a researcher, an employee, an intern, a nanny, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a yogi–the list goes on! Sometimes it can be difficult to recall which hat I am wearing at which meeting, which deadline is coming due, and which social media account needs managing.

Grad school life can be as chaotic as it can be rewarding, and mediating the the rocky waters of your education requires a system of support and commiseration. The SNAP Steering Committee is committed to providing students advice, resources, and useful connections to help facilitate your success (and sanity), so we are thrilled to announce the re-launch of the Student Experience column, a forum for students to share their own stories in their own words. Last week Simmons MLIS candidate Michelle Janowiecki gave us some great time management tips, and later this week we’ll hear perspective on taking courses online in a new post.

We would love to include your voices here–especially on topics highlighting and examining the diverse backgrounds and experiences we bring to the proverbial LIS student table. If you are interested in contributing a blog post please email me at

I feel honored to have been appointed to this position several months ago and look forward to increasing student involvement in the blog, SNAP, and the future of SAA!


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