Chat with Us Tonight, January 25th

This December, a special Students and New Archives Professionals Roundtable issue of Provenance was published. While serving as the Editor of Provenance, Cheryl Oestreicher kindly invited SNAPers to work on the issue’s submission and editing process as a way to learn about publishing. The issue presents nuanced views on a variety of topics, such as outreach, under-documented  communities, and digitization.

Our next #snaprt Twitter chat will be today, Monday, January 25th, at 8 PM ET, which will allow us to discuss the experience of publishing as a student or new professional, share topics that intrigued us when reading the issue, and honor the work of those involved in creating this issue. We will chat about topics such as:

  • For those who hope to publish in the archives field in the future, what do you see as your primary challenges?
  • For those with experience in the publishing process, what have you been involved in doing? What advice would you like to share with SNAPers?
  • Please share something you enjoyed or found compelling in reading the SNAP issue.
  • What archives topics are you interested in learning about? What kind of research or work might you like to share with the larger archives community?

We welcome everyone to join or keep up with this chat using the #snaprt hashtag on Twitter. If you would like to have a discussion topic included in this chat, please send it to @SNAP_Roundtable on Twitter, submit it through the anonymous form on the SNAP RT chat webpage or e-mail the SNAP RT Senior Social Media Coordinator at

Here some resources related to the chat you may want to check out:

Ariadne Rehbein
SNAP Roundtable Senior Social Media Coordinator


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