Chat with Us this Thursday, January 14th

Please join the SAA Students and New Archives Professionals Roundtable for the next #snaprt Twitter chat on Thursday, January 14, discussing summer internships. Anyone interested in the topic of archival internships is welcome to participate. For our January 14 chat at 8 PM ET, we will discuss topics such as:

  • For those who have completed internships: what did you gain from your experience?
  • How can you parse out the qualifications that are the most important from those that are lower priority? How many should you meet when deciding to apply?
  • What have you found to be the most valuable resources while searching for internships (people, websites, or anything else)?
  • For those in the field: What do you look for in an intern?
  • What final tips and advice do you have for those just starting the internship search?

We welcome everyone to join or keep up with this chat using the #snaprt hashtag on Twitter. If you would like to have a discussion topic included in this chat, please send it to @SNAP_Roundtable on Twitter, submit it through the anonymous form on the SNAP RT chat webpage or e-mail the SNAP RT Junior Social Media Coordinator at

Here some resources related to next week’s chat you may want to check out:

Elena Colón-Marrero
SNAP Junior Social Media Coordinator