SNAP Chat Topics for January

Mark your calendar to attend the SAA Students and New Archives Professionals Roundtable’s January 2016 #snaprt Twitter chats. We will be chatting today, Tuesday, January 5, on Thursday, January 14, and on Monday, January 25 at 8 PM ET. On January 5, we will share lessons and accomplishments from 2015 and set goals for 2016. On January 14, we will discuss summer internships. On January 25, we will discuss articles from the special SNAP edition of Provenance.

SNAPers, supporters of SNAP, and everyone interested in or affiliated with archives are welcome to participate. For our January 5 chat, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Share an article, blog post, or other resource that made an impact on you in 2015.
  • What accomplishments are you proud of from the past year?
  • What are some of your goals for 2016 and how do you plan to meet them?
  • Did you encounter any disappointments or hardships this year? How did you overcome or learn from them?
  • What conferences or other upcoming opportunities to learn and engage with the larger community are you looking forward to?

We welcome everyone to join or keep up with our chat using the #snaprt hashtag on Twitter. If you would like to have a discussion topic included in this chat, please send it to @SNAP_Roundtable on Twitter, submit it through the anonymous form on the SNAP RT chat webpage or e-mail me at To learn more about #snaprt chats, please visit our webpage.

Ariadne Rehbein
SNAP Roundtable Senior Social Media Chair


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