Chat With Us This Sunday, November 15th

Please join SAA’s Students and New Archives Professionals Roundtable for the next installation in our series of Twitter chats this November: “Finding your first professional job.” The focus of our chat will be sharing questions and advice regarding in-person interviews. Our first chat this month on applications and preliminary interviews was a great time, with thanks to all those who participated! (Please visit the chat transcript on Storify to learn more.)

Current LIS students, recent graduates, and new and experienced archivists are all encouraged to join the chat on Sunday, November 15, at 8 PM ET.  We will discuss topics such as:

  • What is essential to do when preparing for an interview?
  • How can you put your best foot forward and reduce jitters on the big day (or days)?
  • What makes for a successful candidate presentation and subsequent Q&A session?
  • How can you approach “interviewing” the search committee – both to demonstrate your interest and determine whether the institution is the right fit?
  • Post-interview, what can you do to follow up, incorporate the lessons you’ve learned, and carry on?

We welcome you to join or keep up with our chat using the #snaprt hashtag on Twitter. If you would like to have your question or discussion topic included in this chat, please send it to @SNAP_Roundtable on Twitter, submit it through our anonymous form (at the bottom of the page), or e-mail me directly at Learn more about the chat and how to participate on the #snaprt chat webpage

Here some resources you may enjoy related to the upcoming chat:

  • Goldman, Rebecca and Lausch, Shannon M., “Job search experiences and career satisfaction among recent archives program graduates” (2012). Conference presentations. Paper 4. (with thanks to Rebecca Goldman):

Ariadne Rehbein
SNAP Senior Social Media Coordinator


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