controlaccess: Relevant Subjects in Archives and Related Fields for 2015-10-25

This is the weekly roundup of headlines in and around archivy, but also including some library, museum, digital humanities, and information science things as well. If you see something we’ve missed, please email us!


SNAP Chats are back after a short break. Please join us tonight at 8 PM EST!

The Intellectual Property Working Group is seeking an intern. Apply by November 3, 2015.

The deadline for submitting session proposals for SAA 2016 is November 13, 2015. There’s a spreadsheet here so you can collaborate with others on topics.

Politics & Government

The Benghazi Committee met for a long time to hear Hillary Clinton’s testimony on Thursday. The State Department can’t verify that 90%-95% of her emails were in the State’s system, which was the figure Clinton gave at the hearing. So the issue lives on.

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance has selected the Digital Library Federation as its institutional home, beginning in January 2016.

If you missed NARA’s Genealogy Fair, you can still get the slides and handouts here.


Amazon is suing 1,114 “fake reviewers.” The company has previously sued companies that sold fake reviews.

Digital Preservation

The OAIS reference model is up for review by the International Standard Organization (ISO) in 2017. David Rosenthal and the Digital Preservation Coalition (DCP) have made a case for its revision here.


Facebook made 2 trillion public posts searchable this week. Right now, this feature is only open to English-speaking countries, but it will roll out to the rest of the world soon.

Similarly, Harvard Business Review points out that even though we say we want privacy, our actions are very different than our words.

Web Archiving

Look for a brand new interface for the Wayback Machine, coming in 2017.


The Smithsonian is currently working on conserving Neil Armstrong’s space suit. They used a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

Odds and Ends

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) seeks additional presenters for some upcoming panels at its spring conference in Pittsburgh, which will be held April 14-16, 2016.

For those interested in historic preservation – or, really, any type of preservation – the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s PastForward conference offers free virtual attendance for TrustLive events, taking place November 4-6. The schedule is here.


The Roundtable for Early Professionals and Students (REPS) of the Society of New England Archivists (NEA) had a successful #REPSserves15 Day. Awesome work!


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