SAA 2015: Students and New Archives Professionals (SNAP) Roundtable Meeting

In advance of the 2015 Annual Meeting, we invited SNAP members to contribute summaries of panels, roundtable and section meetings, forums, and pop-up sessions. Summaries represent the opinions of their individual authors; they are not necessarily endorsed by SNAP, members of the SNAP Steering Committee, or SAA.

Guest author: Samantha Winn, Collections Archivist at Virginia Tech and Chair of SNAP Roundtable

This summary provides a broad outline of the meeting. For more information, including selected tweets and resource links, please check out this Storify.

The SNAP Roundtable held its annual meeting on Wednesday, August 19 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. The agenda included the annual roundtable report by 2014-2015 chair Caitlin Wells, five lightning talks by SNAP members, a presentation by the incoming president of the Academy of Certified Archivists, a presentation by SAA President Kathleen Roe, and a Q&A session with the roundtable’s Council Liaison, Lisa Mangiafico.

Wells opened the meeting by introducing the incoming steering committee:

  • Samantha Winn (Chair)
  • Kelly Kietur (Vice-Chair/Chair Elect)
  • Rachel Walton (Secretary)
  • Emily Minehart (Member-At-Large)
  • Emily Lapworth (Member-At-Large)
  • Christy Fic (Member-At-Large)

Ex-officio members Holly Croft (Blog Coordinator), Colin Post (Web Coordinator), and Ariadne Rehbein (Social Media Coordinator) were announced as continuing in their roles. The Roundtable thanked outgoing steering committee and ex-officio members for their service, including Members-At-Large Roxanne Dunn, Daniel Johnson, and April Sparks; Secretary David McAllister; Senior Social Media Coordinator Susan Kline, and Professionals Blog Editor Gloria Gonzalez.

Wells discussed several initiatives completed by the 2014-2015 steering committee, included a communications survey and a special SNAP RT edition of the Provenance journal (which will be published sometime in November).

Following Wells’ presentation, the roundtable enjoyed the first round of lightning sessions. Presentations included:

  • Elise Dunham, Research Data Management as a Career Path for Archivists
  • Alison Reynolds, Seward Family Papers Digitization Project
  • Lily Troia, Copyright at Berklee College Archives
  • Rossy Mendez, Public Services: The Newbie Way
  • Ariadne Rehbein, From DOC to EAD: Finding aid conversion at the University of Virginia [handout]

During the Council Liaison’s update, members learned about a proposed dues increase, proposed changes to Member Affinity Groups, a new certificate program for arrangement and description, and upcoming advocacy opportunities. Additionally, Council member Mangiafico announced a change to SAA policy regarding advocacy statements. Mangiafico entertained several questions about the updates, particularly the new policy on Council statements and dues increases.

After the final lightning session presentation (listed above), incoming president of the Academy of Certified Archivists Mott Linn spoke to the roundtable about the value of archival certification. Linn described the CA exam as a valuable tool to ensure that archival professionals remain invested and engaged in the field as it evolves. Linn also entertained questions from SNAP RT members about the value of a CA designation in the national job market and a discussion of organizational transparency.

Finally, 2014-2015 SAA President Kathleen Roe spoke to the roundtable about the governance of the organization. Roe encouraged SNAP members to engage with leaders and think of SAA as “our organization.” She also discussed the range of opportunities available to students and new members in many aspects of SAA governance.


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