SNAP Chats are back!

Guest author: Ariadne Rehbein
MLS/MIS Student at Indiana University Bloomington and SNAP Roundtable Senior Social Media Chair

We’ve taken a few weeks off from holding #snaprt Twitter chats to make some improvements and today we’d like to share them with you. The goals of the Twitter chat are to serve as a fun way to connect with SNApers and members of the archives community and to be a forum for sharing concerns and knowledge with one another. Here’s what we’re planning for the upcoming SNAP ex-officio officer term:

Provide a monthly schedule

We’ll announce the 3 chats of the upcoming month at least a week before the first chat of the month. Details will also be listed on the Google calendar widget on the SNAP chat page. Chat reminders will be sent 3 days in advance. We hope that announcing monthly dates and topics in advance will mean that more people can plan to participate. It will also allow participants to gather their thoughts on the topic and even share questions they would like to discuss with the social media coordinators through Twitter, e-mail, or the submission form on the SNAP chat page.

Increase participation across the archives community

We’ll share the monthly announcement on the SNAP listserv, the SAA Archives & Archivists listserv, the SAA Student Discussion List, and with other relevant SAA Roundtables and Sections wherever possible. We will also be making a greater effort to coordinate chats with other SAA Roundtables and Sections focusing on questions that SNAP members may have for them.

 Extend the conversation to the blog and listserv

A summary of key points from the month’s chats will be posted on the blog within a few days of the last chat. A centralized location for chat history will be useful as it can be difficult to parse through Storifies and hashtag histories. This will give participants and non-participants the opportunity to follow up on the discussion through blog comments, with chat participants, or on the SNAP listserv.

Introduce new topics from archival literature

In addition to more frequent chats with other SAA Roundtables and Sections, each chat will focus on or reference at least one relevant open access journal article. This will help SNAP members keep up with archival literature that they may not have been exposed to in the classroom and will demonstrate the skills and new ideas that SNAP members bring to the profession. 

Expand engagement through monthly chat leaders

SNAP members are invited to lead the chat on the 25th of the month about an issue they are passionate about or one or more journal articles that interest them. The SNAP member will lead the chat using his or her Twitter account and the SNAP Twitter account will participate in the discussion. The social media coordinators will work with the proposer to formulate discussion questions. Community-led chats will provide a platform for SNAP members to directly engage with one another and the archives community regarding their concerns and interests. Interested members will need to contact the social media coordinators with their idea by the 20th of the month to be included in the following month’s chat announcement. More frequent community-led chats are also possible based on the response we receive.

We hope that these new strategies will make the SNAP chat program more valuable to you! As the term continues, we will be continually seeking to improve the program based on our experiences and your feedback. Please let us know what you think and, as always, what you’d like to chat about!


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