Best Practices for Student Organizations

SAA Student Chapters might discover a lot in common with this great post from Hack Library School. What else can student groups do to be successful? Share your stories here or head over to the HLS post.


Many past Hack Library School posts have highlighted the importance of getting involved in student chapters of professional organizations. And I couldn’t agree more! My time spent in my school’s chapter of the American Library Association has brought me numerous rewards: networking, event planning experience, budgeting experience, leadership, and even a chance to go to an ALA conference!

But one thing I’ve noticed from said Hack Library School posts and from conversations with other library school students is that LIS student groups often have a rough go of it. The difficulties are numerous: student turnover is fast, free time is low, and online students feel like they can’t get involved.

So today I’m going to share a few of the successful strategies I’ve seen over the past few years, particularly through my involvement with my local student chapter of ALA. Hopefully they’ll be of use if you’re reviving a…

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