Year in the Life: Sofía Becerra-Licha, Pt. 10

What a difference (almost) a year makes! A lot of things have come together in the last few weeks and as I look back on the first 11 months, it’s both reassuring and semi-exhausting to review our progress. The biggest news is that we finally have shelving installed in our off-site storage space. I mentioned this back in July when the funding was approved and I was excited about it then, but I cannot emphasize enough how much of a game-changer this is.

Here’s the before: an approximately 7’x9’ pile of boxes, albeit appearing slightly more disheveled than usual in this shot because we were pulling materials.

Contrast that image with this shot: everything’s off the ground and better organized on wire shelving.

Even including the action shot posted on Facebook, these photos obviously reflect only a small measure of the work involved in unloading the pallets, clearing the space, assembling the shelves, and then figuring out how to fit everything back on. It was truly a team effort and while it ended up taking at least twice as long as we’d originally planned, the end result is so very well worth it. There’s a lot of processing work still to be done, and the fact that we have to transfer items back and forth between off-site storage and our on-site work-room adds an extra set of logistics to the mix, but being able to readily assess things like extent at a glance already represents huge progress.

Speaking of progress, two more finding aids are up online, from collections processed this summer: the Jerome Gross and Bert Henry papers on the Schillinger System (BCA-006) and the Lawrence Berk papers on the Schillinger System (BCA-007). In addition to gaining an additional work-study assistant, this semester we’re fortunate to have another Simmons GSLIS intern. Among other things, she will be creating a digital exhibit version of the Franklin McGinley collection on Duke Ellington (BCA-004).

Finally, I’ve also started reaching out to the remaining academic departments to resume scheduling meetings to wrap up the records management survey this semester. We’ve received some more photographic materials, and just last week a photo from one of our collections was featured on the College’s Facebook page for Throwback Thursday. It was quite a hit!


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