Year in the Life: Emily Vigor, Pt. 11

It’s hard to believe that another month has flown by. Time seems to speed up as I get closer to completing the NHPRC grant, and it’s hard for me to believe that a year has gone by so quickly. We completed the processing of the Callister collection this month, which thankfully still gives me plenty of time to write and encode the finding aid, as well as tie up a few other loose ends with both collections, which should hopefully further increase access. When I first started my position a year ago, it was under the assumption that I would only receive funding for one year. Through the support of my supervisor, I’ve been fortunate enough to be offered an additional 18-months in funding. Once the NHPRC grant is completed, I’ll be processing the papers of Timothy L. Pflueger, a prominent architect in the San Francisco Bay Area who is well known for designing Art Deco skyscrapers and movie theaters, including the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company Building in San FranciscoPacific Telephone 2. Since I have a background in art history, I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with such a visual collection. This month has been a busy one in the archives and on campus. Students are back in class, and the EDA has been installing the exhibit Unbuilt San Francisco. This exhibit is a collaboration with four other venues and focuses on the cityscape that could have been. This is the first exhibit I’ve worked on for the archives, and it has been a rewarding experience to see the gallery walls filled with incredible ideas for the Bay Area, including a proposal for a resort on Alcatraz Island! I’ve also been working on our crowd funding project this month to help process and provide access to the collections that include Joseph Eichler home designs. California has a fairly large cult following for Eichler homes, and we’re hopeful that this network will be interested in contributing to our campaign. Over the last month, I’ve also reached out to several other archives that have piloted crowd-funding campaigns about putting together a panel for the next SAA conference. This will be my first proposal for a session at SAA, and I’m hopeful that we’ll be considered.

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