Year in the Life: Sofía Becerra-Licha, Pt. 8

Greetings from Boston where, as usual, there’s plenty afoot here at the Archives. One significant responsibility lurking in the background throughout this period has been the second interim report due to the NHPRC at the end of the month. This one includes a financial component, so in addition to compiling a narrative write-up, as we did back in January, we’ve also been going through our records to make sure we’re on track to fulfill the terms of the grant. All in all, we look to be in good shape and putting all this information together has served as a helpful reminder of just how jam-packed the last six months have been.

One exciting piece of news is that we were able to secure some funding from the College to purchase shelving to better store our off-site materials. This is huge because it means we will be able to make better use of the rented floorspace space and retrieve items much more easily. As expected, the pre-planning has involved a decent amount of research and comparison shopping to find a solution that’s the best compromise between the resources we have at hand and the archivally acceptable options out there. And I’m admittedly avoiding thinking too much about the installation process and all that will entail, particularly given the heat wave we’re currently experiencing. But these are fantastic “problems” to have and it’s quite heartening to see things coming together as they are.

On the processing front, it’s turned out to be the summer of Schillinger. Our summer intern will be wrapping up her field experience this week and, as I’ve previously mentioned, she spent most of her time processing what we’re now calling the Lawrence Berk papers on the Schillinger System. Amid other projects, I also processed another small collection of Schillinger-related materials: the Jerome Gross and Bert Henry papers on the Schillinger System. This collection encompasses a correspondence course taken by Dr. Jerome Gross of Cleveland, OH and related notes and memorabilia created and compiled by authorized Schillinger instructor Bert Henry. As with Lawrence Berk’s notes, we were fortunate to have Phil DiTullio, director of the local Schillinger Society, come in and help us with the description for the finding aid, which is now complete and in line to be published online.

Outside of my daily work, I’ve continued putting some thought into my ongoing professional development, as well as seeking ways to stay plugged into the professional community, particularly as a lone arranger. In addition to getting involved with the New England Music Library Association (NEMLA), I’ve also been involved with NEA’s nascent Roundtable for Early Professionals and Students (REPS) as a member of the administrative/bylaws committee. At the upcoming SAA annual meeting, I’ve signed up for Monday’s EAD hack-a-thon workshop and I’ll be presenting my master’s paper research on MPLP and audiovisual archives as part of the research forum on Tuesday. So already that second week of August is looking to be a busy one, but I’m really looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues and experiencing the conference as a new professional.

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About Lisa H

Lisa is the archivist/librarian at the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Augustana College. She stumbled into archival work by way of the museum world and is always seeking ways to break down the silos of these professions. Lisa has worked in museums, libraries, and archives in Illinois, New York, and Alaska. While not at work, Lisa spends her free time biking, working on art projects, and putting her useless knowledge to good use on bar trivia teams. You can find her on Twitter @lisahuntsha.

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