Year in the Life: Emily Vigor, Pt. 6

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April has been a pretty fruitful month so far. In March the Kump collection was officially photo 1completed, encoded, and is now ready for research! This feels like a huge milestone for me, but it’s one that I don’t have much time to savor at the moment since I need to push on to processing the Callister collection (remember those nearly 800 tubes I’ve talked about?) The tubes are interesting to work with, but they’re definitely slow going. Each tube is supposed to contain the drawings for a specific project, but we’ve been coming across tubes that contain up to 7 or more projects in one tube, often with no date and limited project information. I’m calling these my nightmare tubes, since they can be frustrating to sort out. But working with these materials is sort of like an extended treasure hunt, offering up beautiful hand drawn perspective photo 2renderings of projects. We’re hoping to finish working with the tubes by June, and I’m really hoping that we can meet that goal.

April also seems to be the month where conferences start picking up. I’m writing this post from the Society of California Archivist’s Annual General Meeting in Berkeley, CA. This is my first time attending this conference, as well as my first conference since I’ve completed my degree, and I am definitely happy to have it right in my own back yard. It has been a great opportunity so far for me to meet other regional archivists that I might not have come into contact with in my regular job. I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to hear about the rewards and challenges facing other archivists in their repositories, as well as the chance to meet other new professionals and students. Given that I work in a warehouse with a limited amount of personal contact, I’m personally relishing the time spent here surrounded by so many people that share a common interest!