Year in the Life: Emily Vigor, Pt. 3

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Happy New Year! The start of the year has been pretty quiet around here (meaning this post might be a bit short), but now that we’re half way through January things are starting to pick up. The main game plan for the rest of this month is to finish going through the boxes of the Kump collection and organize them into their appropriate series and subseries. I’m pushing to get this all done by the end of the month so that I can complete the finding aid in February while starting to create a processing plan for the Warren Callister collection, which is much larger and far less organized than the Kump collection. It all feels slightly overwhelming, but I’m finding that I really love this kind of work more than I had anticipated, which is incredibly reassuring in the first year on the job!

One rather large side project that I’m currently working on with a colleague is updating our processing manual to make it as comprehensive as possible. Our hope is to create a step-by-step guideline for how to get from point A to point B. The Environmental Design Archives works with interns and student workers throughout the year, and we want to make sure that we supply enough information to clearly outline how to transform chaos into organized, accessible collections.  This includes how to write a finding aid using the Archivist’s Toolkit, how to make that finding aid accessible online, and how to create a MARC record for the collection. We want to ensure that interns especially are able to come away from the archives with real experience for how to complete these processes and have work that they can show to potential employers upon graduation.

Outside of the archives, I’m trying to find new ways to stay active and current in the world of archives now that I’m done with my degree. As much fun as it is to have my weekends free from school, I think I may have reached my quota for cat videos and am looking for some new inspiration. If anyone has recommendations for blogs, books, etc., please share them in a comment!

Hopefully next month’s post will be filled with tales of the joyous completion of processing the Kump collection!

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About Lisa H

Lisa is the archivist/librarian at the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Augustana College. She stumbled into archival work by way of the museum world and is always seeking ways to break down the silos of these professions. Lisa has worked in museums, libraries, and archives in Illinois, New York, and Alaska. While not at work, Lisa spends her free time biking, working on art projects, and putting her useless knowledge to good use on bar trivia teams. You can find her on Twitter @lisahuntsha.

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